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In 1935, at the cross streets of Houston and Leona (near the present day location of the UTSA downtown campus), original owner, Eliseo Montemayor, set up shop. Although the country and the world were in the midst of the "Great Depression", the visionary Eliseo was not deterred from pursuing his start up automotive repair business, as he understood that the depression would not go on forever and that mass production of automobiles for the average American was still in its infancy. 

As Eliseo went about the task of developing the business, Oscar Montemayor, the son of Eliseo, took an interest in the trade and so applied himself to learning the skills of automotive repair until it came time for him to serve his country in the armed forces.  During his stint in the armed forces, Oscar continued to grow his knowledge base of automotive repair by performing the very work his father had mentored him to do; except this time, it was for his country.  When 1947 came around, Oscar had fulfilled his service duty and returned home to join his father's business once more. 

In 1954, Oscar and wife Angie purchased Eliseo's Garage from Eliseo and moved it to its current location on Zarzamora and Leal.  While the ownership had changed hands, the commitment to excellence remained the same.

At the age of 16, Bill, one of Oscar and Angie's four sons, took an interest in the family business just as his father had with his father.  In the years that followed, Oscar imparted much wisdom upon Bill regarding the automotive repair industry. Additionally, Bill had the good fortune to learn the value system that had served the company so well for many years that, in turn, had developed a loyal customer base.    

On January 1, 1991, Eliseo's Garage ushered in a new era when current owner's Bill and Sylvia Montemayor purchased the business from Oscar and Angie. 

Now, in its third decade under the current leadership team, Eliseo's Garage continues to flourish.  Just as Eliseo had shown leading edge insight back in 1935, the company continues in that tradition all the while never forgetting the ingredient that have allowed for it to exist for over three quarters of a century; respect for self, employees and customers.   

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